Friday, March 16, 2012

Should I buy a can of diet coke, or should I not? There's too much crowd near the counter, it will take me a while to reach there, especially, with the plate full of Biryani in my hand - so ditch! I decided against the coke, and stopped & turned - only to find out the fellow behind me hadn't stopped... The rest happened in ultra-slow-mo... I braked hard, trying to balance my plate of Biryani. The bowl of curd went careening over the edge of the plate... all the way down to the floor... it did an odd twirl on the carpeted floor... the curd splashed out - almost straight up - some of it even reached my eye level - while the rest of it splattered around forming an interesting pattern of white dots on me, the fellow behind & a couple of table on both sides, as I and the fellow behind looked helplessly at each other!

It would have been a funny situation to the neutral observer - only there were none - observers, having had their share of flying wisps of curd dotting them, were hardly in neutral frames of mind!

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