Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ketones and the Art of Maintenance!

Summary of Results:

0. Guide: Mr. Ameet Bagwe
1. Total time of experiment: 2.5 months so far
2. Total weight loss: ~14 Kgs (8 in the first month, then a steady kilo per week)
3. Inches lost: ~6 at The Line That Counts
4. Cholesterol numbers: Looking good (they looked good to start with though - so the point here is - eating a truck load of butter and cheese didn't make them any worse!)
5. Wardrobe situation: Dire straits (None of the clothes bought in the last 8 years fit any more. They fall off. Including the pants I bought at Decathlon two weeks back...)

The whole point of starting the experiment was to reduce the number of 'nostalgic remembrances' of the wife of days long past and reminders of pre-marriage promises to 'get into shape soon!' Not that I had any problem with my shape. I mean - O is a shape - a pretty neat one at that! But then, such logic is often lost on our 'gentler' halves! Sigh!

The wife wanted me to cut down on certain food items as conventional 'wisdom' dictated, and I, being the gl.. um... epicure that I am, chose to remain unwise - and there the matter rested - an impasse, with it's obvious ominous repercussions! Until the growing number of folks at office who had adopted this wonderful new fad called Ketogenic Diet - which seemed to work for everyone, and made everyone healthier - generated just enough peer pressure for me to buckle - and I sought out the advice of the expert - Mr. Ameet Bagwe himself. And so it started!

The first two weeks were a little difficult. But the immediate results on the scales were just enough to counter the temptation to give up. Many a time, I did think that I will try this for a few weeks and get back to earlier ways. But I haven't yet ... maybe because I am enjoying this more than I expected!

I have to admit - I haven't been totally honest with the diet though. I started cheating on it when they gave that large box of Diwali sweets to take home - about a month into the diet - and other folks at home back then were not really too fond of sweets! To put it in a nutshell, I took it upon myself to make sure that the box didn't go to waste. And that slowed down the weight loss. To about 1Kg / week. So - nowadays - I eat about anything and everything - although only in the later parts of the day. And the diet still works! I am still losing weight - while not having to stay away from all those sweets and pastries and what not! No wonder I am still on the diet!

Finally - I have been exercising also - lately. I had the habit of walking or cycling the 7KMs to office - have taken this up again over the last month or so. I am sure that helps too in the overall scheme of things.

All in all - this fad turned out to be a bit more than just that! It works - from first hand experience! So I will sign off with (on request) a Selfie. For the 'before' picture - just view any of my Facebook albums!!