Thursday, February 13, 2014

For Arya

And then there was this Lovely Little Lass from Trivandrum,
Who idolised the escapades of the famous Viktor Krum.
Not for her the enticement of the world of silky satins,
For her the Secret of Victoria lies in her Baseline Spins!

With talented our heroine, all one needs to do,
Is hand over a racquet to her, and see the magic brew
As she weaves her graceful steps around the court so big or small,
Or among the chirpy chicks who chuck around a Ball!

So one fine morn our paragon on the 24th of Jan,
Said “Dash it all I have had enough, am off to catch my Sun!”
And as we floundered in her wake to form the 5Cs teams,
We wish her the very best in life as she embarks upon her dreams...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

For Shyam & Pooja

I was trying to come up with a Music-based video as a 'Wedding Present' for Mr. Shyam Jagannathan & Ms. Pooja Kulseja... by scourging through their Facebook pages - but it did not turn out quite all right - so I ended up never publishing it. In the meanwhile this 'poetry' was a by-product of that effort...

Once there was an young man from the land of wooden sandals,
An audiophile, a racket-head, with photographic angles!
Well, one fine day as he smashed away some racket-splitting serves,
He felt as if some divine whiff was soothing all his nerves.
He looked about in sudden doubt for the source of all the breeze
That smashed about his cerebrum and knocked him off his knees.
It took him quite a bit of time to find out all the answers
As to why the hell he felt as if a troupe of ballet dancers
Were tiptoing round in choreograph in a world of rainbow beams,
When Lo Behold, in vibes of gold stood the acme of his dreams!
This shepherdess of resources of the anthropoidal kind,
This archangel of Jubbulgarh had robbed his senses blind.
At once to him twas clear as sand that's melted in the forge 
That life without the divine dame would be empty as a gorge
That cuts within the mountains high to darkened depths descend.
And just like that his broken heart no adhesive would mend.
So all at once he made his mind to take the supreme leap
In spite of all the friendly jibes of lions now turned sheep
Who sadly shook their hen-pecked heads saying "Welcome to the club!"
And those staunch few who held out still said "one more bites the grub!"
So, at last we come to the fateful day when the registrations are tied,
And in the midst of the gathered glitz, the knot is finally signed.
All we can say is "have a great day" and "a roller coaster ride
Of a life full of adventures!" Be happy, Groom & Bride!