Sunday, July 19, 2009

Drill - Scrape - File - Cut - and so on and so forth!

Drill - Scrape - File - Cut - and so on and so forth!

A couple of jabs to start with. Not effective enough. One more jab. Start chipping. Ouch! A couple of more jabs now, inside! Chip away. "I have reached the roots! Now I am removing these sensor heads here!" She did, quite painfully, but not completely I guess! "Now my colleague will do the filing."

The much younger colleague evidently took her art very seriously & artistically! She bent over almost into the now gaping hole & filed away with extreme concentration! Her exaggerated facial expressions from 6 inches away were quite entertaining! Occassionally she would frown if some part would not yield perfectly under her touch. Occassionally I would, if I found out that some of the sensor heads were not yet removed! She obliged by removing them! All the time, the helping hand was also there, using a suction nozzle to clean up the workspace. At this point the young lady went further in to start filling up the hole!

The first part of the operation completed, the earlier elder lady came back to take up the next tricky part. "I will have to apply much more pressure for this part." With the warning, she cut through the outer skin. Then she took up her drill, and started on the operation. But she soon figured out that the drill head was not big enough and went for a bigger & scarier instrument! I was more scared that the drill may slip and do immense damage to the neighboring structures which are still very useful to me! Occassionally she would send in X-rays with an instrument which looked like a Hair Drier and figure out the lay of the land ahead as one may say. It took her about 15 minutes to drill halfway through the thick bone-like structure, and then she pried at the remaining half! With a shark crack which sounded exactly like bones breaking inside my head, she managed to pry away the half. "Look at the size of this thing" she told me & showed it to me too! I smiled.

"Now I need to just pull away the ends." She did so too with extreme nonchalance. A couple of quick stitches & she was done.

"I will give you the instructions for the next few days now... You have been a great patient. Other people keep closing their mouths! I never thought we could get this done so quickly!" And she proceeded to reel of a series of instructions with the young doctor chipping in once in a while!