Thursday, February 13, 2014

For Arya

And then there was this Lovely Little Lass from Trivandrum,
Who idolised the escapades of the famous Viktor Krum.
Not for her the enticement of the world of silky satins,
For her the Secret of Victoria lies in her Baseline Spins!

With talented our heroine, all one needs to do,
Is hand over a racquet to her, and see the magic brew
As she weaves her graceful steps around the court so big or small,
Or among the chirpy chicks who chuck around a Ball!

So one fine morn our paragon on the 24th of Jan,
Said “Dash it all I have had enough, am off to catch my Sun!”
And as we floundered in her wake to form the 5Cs teams,
We wish her the very best in life as she embarks upon her dreams...


Arya B said...

Mucho gracias, Ser Som.
Really loved the reference to Viktor Krum. A "same pinch" to the love of fantasy of the series. I was giggling through out, in my seat :D Thanks again sir ( on behalf of Arun too)

Somshubhra said...

De nada!

And I liked the reference to 'Ser' - if that was what I thought it was - re: again the world of fantasy! :)

Arya B said...

Its exactly what you thought it is - watched the available seasons -and nearing the end of 3rd book :D
Winter truly is coming :)

Somshubhra said...

Well - as far as the Game is concerned - those who watch the first episode have no idea what is going to hit them - so think those who have watched season 1. Who themselves have no clue as to what is in store for them - in the opinion of those who have watched all seasons - and then there are those who have read all the books, and they silently smile & record the expression of friends as they watch all the seasons - and in the meanwhile, in the background Mr. Martin chuckles and shakes his head at those who have read all the books.. "Just you wait you poor souls!"

Am among those poor souls - and have never felt so 'dis-oriented' as at the end of book 5, as the world turns upside down and inside out!!

Arya B said...

Ha ha, I think I can understand how you feel when you hear me saying I'm at 3. One of my cousins who watched 2 seasons and yet to watch 3 had bugged me for days on end to know which episode of 3, will Robb be the king and I solemnly replied somewhere in the 2nd half of 3rd season- all the while malignantly chuckling inside.