Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I know that I don't have a bigger "Haoos" of Cards but I am definitely catching up. Now, about everyone who is anyone, and almost anyone who is not (just wanted to say that!!) has 2 or more credit cards. I have 2 personal and one business AMEX. Plus (only) one debit card. But when you add the Lufthansa Frequent Flyer, the TI Badge (which has the perfect size and shape to qualify as a 'card'! Now, has anyone noticed that all 'cards' have the same size? Including hotel door keys!), two hotel door keys, one PAN Card, one expired Indian 4-wheeler DL (the two wheeler DL is a book!) and one IEE (yes, only two Es) Membership card, veterans of Card-ology will look up and say, now you are talking. But there is more. I have recently acquired membership in the Richardson Public Library (They give everyone membership, everyone, that is, who have a Dallas Driving License.) Ohh yes, I have a Dallas DL too. Only, it is still a piece of paper, the actual 'card' is yet to reach me.

Well so much for cards (and the digressions (anyone who has been reading my blog (yes, this page (I guess I can call it a page, one of the words that can be alternatively used for a web-site)) know that I keep on digressing (digression n 1: a message that departs from the main subject (syn: aside, excursus, divagation, parenthesis)) whenever I set to write (actually type) about something)). To come back to the point (anyone who has read the last sentence and is still reading, deserves a break!), I will continue to write (or type) on the point which I actually wanted to speak (or write (or type)) about!

The point in question being the last in the list given above, the entry which is still to obtain 'card' status', the piece of paper which (along with my passport (and the visa stamp in it (along with the I-94 form stapled next page))) gives me the license to drive in the US. (If anyone is bothered by this incessant detours & non-linear discontinuous torrent of words, my apologies, I want to write about driving in US, and not drive anyone crazy.) I received the license to drive, on having successfully driven a two-wheel drive sonata with 'Dallas Driving School' written on the wind-shield during the Practical Driving Tests to the satisfaction of the Driving instructor (or examiner) last friday.

The first (actually twenty-third) thing i did after getting the license was rent an Avis Pontiac Grandam. And immediately (actually, twenty hours later) we went on a five hour drive to Natural Bridge Caverns near San Antonio. Waving aside all protests from my fellow driving-aspirants, I did not allow anyone at the wheel for even half the journey to and half the journey fro, I mean back. And it was (definitely) worth the fight I had to put to earn (autonomically) the driving rights! The place we went to was great, but I enjoyed the drive more.

A detailed description of the actual drive may follow (given my track records, nothing will follow of course) some time later. For the time being, I wanted to drive home the point that I drove here. I guess I have succeeded!